5 regions for guaranteed unforgettable moments

Verein Journeying on the trail of the Habsburgs means discovering five totally unique regions between the Rhine and the Danube! This transnational route takes you through timeless landscapes and extraordinary places and into an unsurpassed cultural heritage. But that’s not all! Meet the residents of the former Further Austria and experience their hospitality and cheerful nature! Your hosts will be delighted to share their region and lifestyle with you. Experience authenticity and peacefulness in one package!

VORARLBERG/TYROL: A region of contrasts
The rivers Inn and Rhine flow close together, forming the valleys between the mountains. Major European roads meet here, bringing together the foreign and the traditional. History and the present, culture and nature - scenery and people who stay in your memory, drawing you back.

AARGAU/UPPER RHINE: The rediscovered age
River landscapes between the Alps and the Rhine full of variety and surprises, full of trade and change from the earliest times to the present day. The old bridge cities - an invitation to linger and enjoy life for a moment…

Ancient land of culture before the Alps, in the shadow of a great history…And at its centre: the lake on whose shores Europe lives - a breath of paradise in which the art of gracious living has its home.

The Black Forest and the Rhine plain, scenery and solitude, distant views in all directions, wine, forests, the Gothic and the hospitable, rejuvenation for body and soul, nature and culture - always looking toward the good things in life: It all belongs together here - with a touch of southern flair.

ALSACE: A lifestyle envied by the world
Alsace, a region of self-assured beauty with an ambience you will quickly fall in love with. For experts, connoisseurs, lovers and all those who want more from life: good wine, good food, plenty of history, culture and art - along with a laid-back atmosphere which lets life roll gently on.